Sunday, February 2, 2014


BMCC has visited the children with albinism at Jerry`s School. we have decided to serve God by all sides, our church normally supports the special groups like street children and people with albinism, we normally visit the children with albinism at their centers, these students who need love, they have absolutely lost hope from most of their parents. so as BMCC decided at the  beginning of every month, which is the visiting day of most of the centers, we will go to spend time with them with some presents
To day it has been a good time , where, members of BMCC visited these students with albinism. the purpose of  our visit is to spread out the word of God by showing love to them, encourage them and telling them that they are men like us, all we were created by GOD in a unique way. and GOD values them and love them indeed.
since we started last year, we see GOD doing a divine interventions in most of these kids who were already lost their hope because of the segregation and embarrassment happen to them, some were rescued from the point of being killed by bad people who have wrong perception on this group.

Let every one of us love this people, they are part of us, they are human being like us and nothing unique from them rather

than biological factor which can happen to every one, the weay they are is just beacuse of lack of melanin pigment on their skins.

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