Sunday, January 19, 2014


It has been a blessing that on Saturday 18th, January 2014, we experienced  a wonderful wedding between Joseph Mnyangiri and Ellen. It was very good and an example for adult people. and those who thing they are late, to God there is no late but every thing is made good for the time set.

this wedding was officiated by Bish. Valentine Mbuke of TAG-BMCC church.
Here you can see at the time of officiating the wedding between the two
one of the interesting thing, the wedding was very simple and not complected like today`s wedding, they did not need to some special wedding clothes rather they decided to wear very simple and respectful clothes.
so this can be good example for young men who fear not to go into marriage because of .many reason, some thing to note is that marriage is the gift from God, that is to say it is God`s plan to every one to have wife or husband

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